4 Steps to Picking the Right Paint Color For Your Kitchen

Pick the right color for your kitchenKitchens have a long history of being the heart of the home.  Not only are meals prepared in that room, but it is a place that family and friends gather to share news about their lives.  For this reason, you want to create an environment in your kitchen that is warm, inviting, and even appetizing.

When choosing the colors in your kitchen, there are many factors to keep in mind such as the color of your cabinets, counters, appliances, and flooring.  All of these colors need to work together with the base color of the room: the paint.

Before you start on the steps to picking the right paint color, there are two things to keep in mind:

·      If you already have an existing color scheme that will not be altered (i.e. your cabinets or your countertops) you want to pick a paint color that will coordinate with what is already there.

·      If your kitchen is connected to another room (such as a dining room) or is part of an open concept, you will want a paint color that either matches or compliments the colors of the other rooms.

Step #1: Decide on the feel of the kitchen

To help decide on the feeling of your kitchen, answer the following question: “The emotion that I want people to experience when they walk into the room is …..” Answers can range from comfortable, happy, relaxed, hungry, welcome, etc.

The second part to the question is the overall style that you want to convey.  Do you want the kitchen to feel modern? Professional? Clean? Trendy? Classic? Country?

The emotion(s)and style(s) that you pick will help you in step number two.

Step #2: Pick a color palette

The basic color palettes are neutral (earth tones), white (white and cream), cool (light blues and greens) and warm (vibrant colors such as red or orange).  Each color palette will give a different feeling to the room.  For example, a white palette tends to exude a feeling of cleanliness and professionalism while a warm palette gives off energy.

Step #3 Choose some paint chips

Once you have your overall feeling and your palette, the time has come to visit a paint store and pick out some paint chips that fit within your color scheme.  It is recommended that you pick no more than five paint chips in order to keep yourself from feeling overwhelmed.

Step #4 Test them out

A paint chip can look beautiful in a store and yet look wretched in your kitchen.  The best way to test them is to place the paint chips next to the furnishings and appliances in your kitchen, such as your cabinets and countertops. Seeing how the color works with your finishings will usually help you eliminate several choices fairly quickly. Once you have selected a color (or have your top two), buy a tester quart of paint (or of the two colors) and paint a small area of the wall in the kitchen.  Allow it to dry and see how the color(s) compare when actually on the wall.

At this point you should feel confident that you have chosen the paint color that will help create a kitchen that you love.

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