Easy Tips For Choosing Bedroom Paint Colors

Pick the right color for your bedroomYou’ve finally made the choice to update your bedrooms, giving them a fresh new look with a simple coat of paint. You make it to the paint store and see all the beautiful swatches of color and suddenly, you freeze.  How on earth are you going to pick the right color for your bedroom?

Paint color is a key element in creating the overall look, feel and style of a bedroom.  In general, most people desire to have a bedroom that is a retreat from the rest of the world.  This means that they want a room that is soothing and relaxing, helping them to sleep peacefully at the end of a day.

For this reason, it is recommended that bedrooms use colors that are on the cool end of the spectrum. Cool colors tend to recede, which helps create a calming feeling in the room.  Warm colors, on the other hand, tend to have a stimulating effect, which can keep your mind active and alert.

So just what are cool colors? Blue, green, violet, white, and gray usually fall in the cool color category. These colors are considered calming and soothing.  However, it is important to note that not all versions of the above colors would be seen as “cool.”  For instance a lime green or vibrant blue would not have the same relaxing effect as robin egg or olive.

The most traditional bedroom colors tend to stick in the white/beige color wheel.  When making the decision between sticking with neutral colors (such as champagne, cotton, or creamy) or delving into slightly more adventurous cool colors (such as violet, charcoal, or navy), you should keep the rest of your décor in mind.

The more neutral the palette, the more the patterns on your bedspreads, chairs, pillows, or other furniture will be featured.  Neutral colors also give you more freedom to change up the colors of the accessories in your room.  However, if neutral colors seem too boring, pick another cool color that compliments a certain feature in the room.  This could be a color in your bedspread or a design in one of your pillows.

When choosing your color, it is always recommended that you buy sample quarts of your favorite shades.  Test the color on a wall or on a paint board to make sure that the look you are envisioning in your mind will be the actual look that is created in the room.  If possible, hold the paint color up to the fabrics or furniture in the room to see how they compliment each other. By taking this extra step, you can be assured that you will pick the color that gives you the bedroom of your dreams.

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